Crypto Education & Careers

The crypto and blockchain space is expanding rapidly. As it sits somewhere in the overlap of Fintech, coding and engineering, the career opportunities in crypto can be quite lucrative. Aside from exploring GroundZeroCrypto and the resources listed here, those who are interested in pursuing a crypto career or a career in blockchain can find below a list of both educational programs to help get you started, and means of pursuing a job in the space.

Learning Blockchain & Crypto

BlockGeeks has a set of crypto courses for developers of all levels including those with no experience to learn how to code blockchain. They also have a course on DeFi and on investing in cryptocurrency. Their most innovative offering however is their Blockchain Development Bootcamp, a full time bootcamp that runs for 12 full weeks to prepare you for a career in blockchain development. It’s very similar to other coding bootcamps you may have seen and does come at a substantial cost (roughly 13K USD), however it prepares you for a career in a fast growing and well paying space. Applications to join their next cohort are due by December 21, 2020 in preparation for the February 2021 start of the bootcamp. Visit here to learn more.